Friday Thoughts

June 27, 2014

Can someone please tell me where this week went? It's been absolutely crazy. There hasn't been a day where I had nothing going on in the evenings, after work and to top it all off my car broke down on the side of this rode this morning. Way to start into the day. ;) Anyway, as you can guess, I'm pretty happy to know that there's absolutely nothing planned for the weekend!
I'm planning on spending it mostly in the sun, in my backyard and with the boy. He's been severely neglected this week.

Do you have any fun plans?  Have a lovely weekend!

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Going Tropical with Julep

June 23, 2014

Happy Monday guys!
I hope you had an awesome weekend! Despite it being a long one for me (4 days!!) I felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. But lets face it, when's a weekend ever long enough!?

Anyhow I've exciting news, you can win a trip to New York City incl. a $ 5.000,- shopping spree today! Now if that doesn't wake you up, I'm not sure what will. ;)

To be fair, I'm not the one gifting you with a trip to NYC but Julep is. The lovely Abbey recently contacted me, as well as a couople of other bloggers, with the fun request if we wouldn't want to create a color board for our own special nail polish color! Obviously that sounded like a lot of fun, so I immediately started scouring for inspiration and came up with the color scheme below.

Since a vacation is absolutely not in the cards for me at the moment I'd absolutely love to incorporate a little tropical feeling into my day none the less. I'm pretty sure a light turquoise / petrol kind of color like this would look amazing with tanned skin and a white sundress, while sipping cool drinks in the sun. Don't you think?

If you want to try your luck at winning the trip to New York, hurry and sign up here! The competition is still on until 30th of June!

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Friday Thoughts

June 20, 2014

Nothing to add! Have a great weekend guys!! :)


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Recipe: organic Apple-Mint spritz

June 19, 2014

I don't know about you, but personally I feel like everything tastes better if you add a little bit of mint. Especially when it comes to drinks! Point in case, this tasty apple-mint spritz. The herbs add a nice fresh note to this otherwise rather sweet drink, which is pretty much perfect after a long day at the office!

What you'll need:
- apple syrup (preferably organic - mine is homemade) or apple juice
- champagne or prosecco
- sparkling water 
- crushed ice (optional, if you have some at hand)
- fresh mint leaves plus sprigs for garnish

Start out by tearing/chopping lots of fresh mint, to set free the flavor. Then prep your glasses by filling them with crushed ice. Toss in the mint and add a bit of apple juice (depending on how sweet you want your drink to be - if you use apple juice you might want to take a bit more) as well as your champagne or prosecco and top off with sparkling water. Add a sprig of mint to garnish and lean back and enjoy. 

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