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September 01, 2014

Hey there and happy Labor day to my American readers!
Can you believe it's September already? I feel like I just celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago (it's in February...). Am I the only one who feels like this year went by in the blink of an eye? Anyways I hope you guys had a lovely (long) weekend. Are you ready for the new work week? I most certainly am not! Today's going to be a multiple cups of coffee kinda day. ;)

With the rainy weather we are having these days (hello Austrian fall) nothing much is happening, so I thought I'd show you a couple of my latest Instagram snapshots. If you'd like you can follow along here!

 Car selfies are the best, especially at traffic lights with other people sitting in the cars next to mine ;)  | pretty flowers are a must on rainy days | still madly in love with my Birks, unfortunately it's a bit too wet to wear them these days | It's all about fall colors again. I've already switched from Essie's Spaghetti Strap back to my beloved Wicked | Since my gran is currently at the hospital due to a broken hip I have a new roomie | Comfort food at it's finest  
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New Endeavors

August 22, 2014

Thank god it's Friday! I am so happy that this week is over. Isn't the first week at work after a vacation always the worst? I hope you had a good one though!

So as I've hinted a couple of times already, exciting things are happening around here and I thought I'd finally share. Those of you who know me, might know that I love taking photos of anything and  everything and some of you might actually be a bit annoyed by my constant picture taking, but you just gotta deal! ;) Anyways while up until now photography was only a hobby I decided that it was high time to actually pursue this passion of mine a bit more and as of September I'm officially a student at the LIK academy of photography and design! The first semester is all about portraiture, studio photography as well as reportage and street photography. I can't even tell you how crazy excited I am! Just keep your fingers crossed that I'm good enough.

Happy Friday guys, wishing you an awesome weekend!! :)

Btw. if you are curious, I've created a little Tumblr. for my photography adventures (see link above). Right now it's still a little empty, but if you want check it out every now and then, as I'll be sharing a ton of pictures over the next couple of months.

Pictures via 

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Don't Miss - Julie Vos - Sample Sale

August 21, 2014

I have been absolutely hooked on the jewelry and accessories of Julie Vos ever since I first saw her pieces on Kat's blog. I've always been a fan of gold jewelry, but these pieces are the perfect mix between chunky and delicate, classic an fun (hello turtle ear studs!) and they go with pretty much every outfit. Unfortunately I'm not someone who can just spend $ 200,- on a necklace, however gorgeous it may be, but it looks like I'm in luck after all, since Julie Vos has a huge sample sale right now and pieces which used to go for 200 bucks are suddenly marked down to $ 60,-! Score!! So excuse me while I go and fill my online shopping cart!

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12

DE: Ich bin absolut verrückt nach Julie Vos Schmuck seit ich ihre Stücke auf Kat's Blog das erste mal gesehen habe. Ich bin schon seit jeher mehr für Goldschmuck als für Silber zu haben aber ihre Armbänder und Ketten sind noch mal etwas ganz besonderes. Sie sind einfach der perfekte Mix aus Statement Pieces und subtilen Stücken und passen so ziemlich überall dazu. Leider bin ich jetzt nicht unbedingt jemand der schnell mal $ 200,- für eine Kette hinblätter, egal wie hübsch sie auch sein mag. Das ist einfach nicht drin, aber ganz klar nach dem Motto 'good things come to those who wait' hat Julie Vos gerade einen Hammer Sample Sale und Stücke die normalerweise um $ 200,- verkauft werden sind reduziert auf $ 60,-!! Volltreffer! Also entschuldigt mich, ich bin dann mal online shoppen. :)

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Back to School - Dorm room styling

August 20, 2014

It's mid August, so chances are those of you who are still going to school or studying at college are busy thinking about stuff you need for your new semester. I have to admit I skipped college and university altogether and dove head first into job hunting after school, which means I only spent whooping three weeks of my life in a classic dorm room (back when I did my language training in Chicago). While I can guarantee you that the dorms at UoC are nothing fancy I'm pretty sure with the right accessories I could have made it work for a longer period of time.
Since you are probably (hopefully) going to spend more than three weeks in your dorm I'd suggest
getting a couple of pieces like the ones below before classes start, so that you can make your room feel a little more like home. :)

I'm curious, is anyone of you still going to school or college? If yes where?

magazine filing so your desk won't be a mess two days into the new semester (story of my life);  a pretty desk lamp, cozy pillows (like this red one and black and white one); comfy bedding and a blanket since if you are like me you'll spend more time studying in your bed than at your desk; a great mirror is always a necessity, as is a pretty carpet. If you are feeling fancy I'd suggest getting a nice pouf  like this one since it makes your place instantly super chic and also a ton of picture frames to add a little personal touch to your walls. This one and this one are gorgeous.

DE: Es ist mittlerweile Mitte August, also schätze ich dass sich einige von euche bereits wieder auf das neue Schuljahr oder das nächste Semester an der Uni einstellen. Ich habe mir das studieren ja komplett gespart und mir gleich nach meinem Schulabschluss einen Job gesucht, somit hab ich in meinem Leben auch nur ganze drei Wochen in einem richtigen Studentenheim verbracht. (In Chicago, während meines Sprachtrainings dort.) Ich kann euch garantieren das das Studentenheim der University of Chicago nichts schickes an sich hat, aber mit den richtigen 'Accessoires' hätte ich es dort ganz bestimmt auch noch ein Weilchen länger ausgehalten. Nachdem die von euch, die noch studieren wahrscheinlich mehr als drei Wochen in eurem Studentenheim verbringen werden, würde ich vorschlagen in ein paar Stücke für euer Zimmer zu investieren, damit sich das ganze etwas mehr nach zu Hause anfühlt. :)

Ich bin neugierig, geht von euch noch jemand zur Schule, bzw. studieren? Wenn ja, wo?

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